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Sales Hire & Repair


Forklift Rental options  

Flexible hiring options

Free advice for best machinery

Supply 1 or a fleet 

at a discount

We have a wide range of forklifts 
available to hire at very competitive 

If you need any advice on 
choosing 1 truck or a fleet 
of trucks
New range of Hand Pallet 
trucks from Nexen are available 
to purchase


Nexen Authorised Dealer

Pallet Trucks




Service Contract & Maintenance


On-site Full service

Experienced Engineer

Running an efficient business
 requires your vehicles to
 be in top reliable condition 
With our Breakdown
repair and servicing you 
can be sure that you will 
keep your workforce in 
     Please don't hesitate 
in contacting us

TRS Mechanical Handling

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Tel: 07967 991659



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New & Used Trucks 

Certified & Reliable 


      Diesel, gas & electric

Competitive Prices

Re-furbished forklift 

trucks from:

Top brands including:
Nexens, Toyota &

Fast Local Delivery 




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